October 5th, 2022 — 1 min read

Winter Tracks shortlisted for the Ad Net Zero Awards!


We’re incredibly excited to announce that our series with The Olympics, Winter Tracks, has been shortlisted in the specialist category for Green Production this year for the Ad Net Zero Awards.

Ad Net Zero was launched in 2020 with the mission for immediate, collective industry action to help achieve real net zero carbon emissions from the development, production, and media placement of advertising by the end of 2030.

The Green Production category champions those who’ve taken steps to measure, reduce and report carbon involved in the production of advertising – something that’s very close to our heart here at JustSo.

Winter Tracks captures intimate portraits of phenomenal Winter Olympians around the world through 6 fly-on-the-wall documentaries telling stories such as Puerto Rican skier, and transplant survivor William Flaherty, Donovan Carillo, the first Mexican Ice Skater to compete in 30 years, and Erin Jackson, the first black woman to compete for the U.S. Olympic long track speed skating team.

The series was shot across 12 countries, over a period of 6 months using entirely local directors and crews sourced through JustSo’s Global Creator Network, and by doing so we were able to reduce our carbon emissions across the series by almost 80% vs. traditional production methods.

To date, the series has received over 1.2 million organic views on YouTube alone.

You can check out all the episodes from Winter Tracks below, and the full case study here. 

Winter Tracks Episodes: