March 21st, 2022 — 2 min read

‘Way of the Wildcard’ Wins The Brand Value Award


Our film ‘Mira Rai: The Girl Who Runs on Happiness’, from the series ‘Way of the Wildcard’ has won the Brand Value Award at the Brand Storytelling Theatre Showcase (part of the Sundance Film Festival).

The award recognises the ability to speak to both the values of a brand and the audience being reached. Brand Storytelling said, “The award was for the film’s exemplary ability to capture a story that simultaneously entertains and connects with Red Bull’s values most prized by its consumers.” 

“To win an award like this is truly an honour, and massively humbling.” – Jonny Madderson,  JustSo Co-Founder, and filmmaker.

The film is part of Red Bull’s returnable series ‘Way of the Wildcard’ that follows the incredible stories of athletes who’ve beaten the odds and made a name for themselves, proving that anything is possible no matter where you come from or the odds against you! The series is directed by JustSo’s founders, Jonny Madderson & Jono Stevens.

Mira Rai is a child soldier who became a world champion runner and a heroine in Nepal. You can watch her story here.

Mira is an incredibly inspirational woman, and it was such as joy to make the film.” – Jono Stevens, JustSo Co-Founder, and filmmaker.

The whole JustSo family would like to give a massive thank you to Mira, Red Bull, everyone that played a role in making the film, all those that have enjoyed the film, and we’d like to say a massive thank all of those who formed part of the selection committee; Marc Battaglia, Jabari Hearn, Felipe Ambra Senain Kheshgi, Shana Barry Sarah Klien, Otto Bell, Angela Matusik Mark Brook, Justin Polk, Brendan Gaul, Allison (Ally) Polly, Jae Goodman, Ben Proudfoot, Annie Granatstein, & Eric Tu!

You can read more about the awards, and see us accepting the award (virtually) here.