Stories From The Wilderness Bar

Taking a 200-year-old whisky to new audiences through coastline conservation
Translating Talisker’s brand positioning into a culturally relevant branded content experience that recruits new audiences to a 200 year old whisky to hit ambitious growth targets.
‘Stories from the Wilderness Bar’ gave Talisker an authentic voice in coastline conversation, connecting the brand with its ‘Wild Spirit’ target audience, and unifying brand activity across sponsorship, social, PR and influencers.
Talisker’s community of wild spirits
A bespoke built bar on the Devon coast
An inspiring series of talks
We designed and built a physical bar that brought together brand partners and influencers with Talisker whisky always at the heart. We developed a content series that was used across Social, PR, VOD and E-comm channels.
Helen Carswell, Senior Marketing Manager
“JustSo helped us breathe a new lease of life into our 200 year old whisky brand, positioning us to engage and recruit a new wave of consumers.”
This was Talisker’s most successful ever content, smashing engagement benchmarks and delivering an uplift in sales during a key gifting period. The format has been repeated into a second iteration, used to unify key sponsorships and brand partnerships.
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