January 30th, 2021 — 2 min read

We’re now B Corp certified!


In 2020 JustSo reached an important milestone – becoming a B Corporation, and making a formal commitment to balance profit with purpose. 

We’ve always believed that business should be a force for good in society, and since we started JustSo in 2007, success has meant building a company that delivered a profit and had a positive impact on people’s lives and broader society.

As storytellers we’ve done this through the stories we’ve told. From partnering with the UNHCR to bring attention to the refugee crisis through the 2016’s Team Refugee, to partnering Diageo and MTV to promote responsible drinking through entertainment.

When we took the decision to apply for B Corporation we set out on what was a long and detailed accreditation process that really pushed us to consider every aspect of our business.

It was a process that helped us focus on what’s next for JustSo and how we can continue to keep purpose at the heart of how we grow.

What B Corp means to JustSo

Becoming an accredited B Corp has given us a formal framework for how we can continue to measure and assess the impact we have with our partners, people, the broader community and our environment.

Support our partners
As storytellers we have a responsibility to ensure the stories we tell have meaning and value. We will help our partners deliver a win-win, where their business objectives can be met whilst also positively impacting and adding value to their audience’s lives.

Put people first

Support the people that make us who we are, and ensure JustSo is built to help our people succeed and make their own mark. 

Reach out to others – use our position to help our local community and support individuals and organisations that are seeking to make their own positive impact.

Consider our impact
We recognise the environmental impact that we have as a business, and we will continue to make efforts to minimise this impact through our own policies – from how we operate ourselves to the suppliers we engage.