A Day in the Lonely

Raising awareness of child loneliness through a TikTok first campaign
We partnered with NSPCC & Childline to produce ‘Day in the lonely’, a TikTok-first campaign supporting teenagers experiencing loneliness.
Authentic storytelling and real voices
Real teen testimonials from the Childline message board were the source material for the three scripted films that we produced, subverting the day-in-the-life format by showing how loneliness can feel overwhelming throughout the day, before signposting how to access Childline resources for support.  Our in-house casting team sourced a diverse range of first-time teen actors to star in the three films.
Leo Birch, Director, JustSo
“Most of the content was captured on phones by the actors themselves, but for key moments we broke out of that native social aesthetic, using a variety of in-camera and sound design techniques, to highlight the sense of isolation that comes from experiencing loneliness.”
Creating for Gen-Z platforms
The campaign was not only native to TikTok, but assets were produced to run across Snapchat, Meta, Spotify & Xbox as part of our approach to reaching as many of our audience as possible.
Charity content campaign of the year – UK content awards
The campaign won Gold at the UK Content Awards 2023 for Non-Profit / Charity Content Campaign of the Year.
increase in overall counselling sessions via email
increase in the number of counselling sessions where loneliness is mentioned
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