Face to Face

Problem solving content.
Netflix needed an engaging and scalable YouTube format to promote their slate of new releases. We developed Face To Face – a YouTube format telling the story of how some of Netflix’s top movies and TV shows came to be made, by the people that made them possible.
A fresh take on working with talent.
By putting video call interviews at the heart of the format, we were able to bring key people from shows together in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in person, capturing more relaxed star talent in a more relaxed and intimate home and fun conversations with talent. In 2020 we produced 8 episodes for titles including The Crown, Away and Ratched.
Now a regular format in Netflix’s release schedule, our London team continues to produce episodes as well as consult with Netflix local markets to help deliver the series globally, with creative and technical consistency.
Organic views on YouTube
The Impact.
The series has trended on YouTube and delivered consistently high engagement, with over 3M organic views to date.
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