Changing perceptions of art collecting
Christie’s needed to connect with a new generation. The problem was that younger people found Christie’s irrelevant or, at worst, intimidating. 
Opening doors through content
We developed, and executed, a content strategy and original formats that made Christie’s more accessible to first-time buyers and opened their doors to new audiences.
Scalable content creation
Produced across multiple global locations in America, Asia and Europe over a 6 year period. Telling the human stories behind art collecting, from collectors, to buyers to the characters behind the scenes of the world famous auction houses. Featuring a range of iconic pieces from Damian Hirsts and Brueghels to Marilyn Monroe fashion and Jimi Hendrix guitars.
Attracting new audiences
Highlights include Collecting Stories, an original format that opens the door to private collectors, revealing how they got started and what collecting means to them. An intimate, moving series showing that collecting is not just for the rich and famous, but for anyone interested in objects and the stories behind them.
Online sales grew by 53% thanks to an influx of first time buyers
“First time buyers help Christie’s reach record sales” – Financial Times
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